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Carl Foster

From a disadvantaged background, Carl Foster has become a SELF MADE author and inspirational speaker, who encourages people to reinvent themselves to realise their true potential and achieve personal success. Carl’s SELF MADE philosophy has changed his life for the better and now you can change yours too.
The Story Behind SelfMade

A seven year old boy who could not read or write publishes a self help book.

Carl Foster
I was born in the early 1970's. My early life was a struggle, including a difficult family life and battles at school due to learning difficulties. These plagued me during my school years and affected my personal development, and seemed to steal my hopes and dreams of success in life. My mother worried about me, about how I was going to survive in this world and live a normal life. I was like other kids in having hopes and dreams, but these were cancelled out by fear.

To make the change I paid the price:

The price I willingly paid

The price would be to take action, studying and learning practical skills, plus learning to be patient and persistent. I began to work really hard, challenging myself in many ways: taking on the jobs. I knew nothing about, learning new skills through trial and error, learning on the job and seeing a positive outcome in all circumstances and seeing things through to the end. It wasn't easy at first, but it made me become stronger as a person and more creative and productive; I became a person that was never afraid to try something new.

Carl Foster Author of SelfMadeDespite all my learning difficulties I discovered that I was intelligent and articulate, also good at observing and creating new ideas. I went to drama school in London for a number of years and took part in the BBC television series Grange Hill. I did Judo. I was proving to myself that there wasn't anything I couldn't do. I was self made. I could be a model, an actor, a sales person, an entrepreneur. I learned that I could do anything I pleased if I put my mind to it, and that this was possible for anyone, including someone with my learning issues.

I have learned not to focus on the current reality, but to focus on my dreams and goals; I know that nothing is impossible if you try long and hard enough. If you try hard enough, the change will come. Don't live your life by fear of failure, live your life by the thought of winning.

From being a child who could not read or write until I was seven, I am now a SELF-MADE person who can bring these ideas to many people. I have learned the keys to happiness and the benefits of a positive self belief. Now you can enjoy the benefits too. I am SELFMADE and you can be SELFMADE too.

Carl Foster, Author of SelfMade

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